Jerry Miculek

Jerry is an American professional speed and competition shooter known for his many world records, appearances on TV, and internet videos. Miculek is widely regarded as the fastest and most proficient all-around speed and competition shooter in the world, emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds in a group the size of a playing card, thus often being dubbed “The Greatest Shooter of all Time”. Miculek currently holds five officially sanctioned world records in revolver shooting and over 15 unsanctioned records with firearms ranging from rapid firing pistols to the Barrett M107 .50 BMGrifle. Some of his more recent accomplishments include 6 shots in .98 seconds with a Barrett M107 50 BMG rifle and a 1000-yard shot off hand with his signature 9 mm Smith & Wesson revolver. In addition, Miculek is an experienced gunsmith who tunes and adjusts his own firearms for optimum function. On top of being one of the top firearms channels on YouTube, he now has his own reality show ‘Shootout Lane’ on the Outdoor Channel. Born in Freeport, Texas, Miculek grew up in southern Louisiana. He worked as a millwright at Freeport Chemical for fifteen years before becoming a professional shooter in 1989. He is married to Kay Clark Miculek, herself an accomplished shooter, holding numerous national and world titles. His daughter, Lena Miculek-Afentul, is also a successful shooter and world champion crowned recently as the best all-around female shooter in the world at the 2014 Trijicon World shooting championship.