The Concealed Carry Podcast

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The Concealed Carry Podcast is a top ranked podcast syndicated via popular podcast channels including Google Play and iTunes. The Podcast is focused on concealed carry topics for American Gun Owners who believe in firearm related self-defense.

The podcast is hosted by Riley Bowman, a member of the executive team of Riley is often joined by Jacob Paulsen ( President) and other instructors in the training network.

The podcast is based out of the mile high city of Denver Colorado and is published twice a week. The podcast features include:

  • Justified: News stories about gun owners who have used a firearm in legal self-defense
  • Political News: Current events that affect gun-related policy and law
  • Training Tip: A weekly segment focused on a specific technique for maximizing firearm self-defense training
  • Main Topic: A weekly segment in which a major issue or topic specific to concealed carry or firearm training is discussed
Riley T Bowman – Host of The Concealed Carry Podcast & Jacob Paulsen President of

About is a national network of firearm instructors. works with instructors nationwide in bringing top quality in person training to American gun owners. also produces online firearm training programs and sells a variety of firearm related accessories and products via it’s website and affiliates.