Gary Quesenberry

Gary Quesenberry is a Triple Nickel coin holder from The Triple Nickel Course of Fire, which is a competition that is designed to measure a shooter’s ability to perform on demand by engaging five targets from five yards in five seconds. Fewer than 70 people in the world can boast that they’ve succeeded in this challenge. Gary is one of those select few.

Gary also competed in Season 3 and Season 5 History Channel’s Top Shot finishing 3rd in both seasons.

During Season Three, Gary was originally a member of the Red Team, but after making it to the final seven joined the Green Team. He was eliminated after losing the second Elimination Challenge of the Season 3 Finale.

Gary was then brought back for Season Five but was eliminated during the Season Finale after losing the second Elimination Challenge.

Now a Homeland Security Agent, living in Cleveland Ohio, Gary served his country in the U.S. Army during Operation Desert Storm and was part of the Special Ops Response Team for the Bureau of Prisons.

Gary is an incredibly competitive individual, so competitive in fact that he and his pals often use target shoots to settle disagreements.

Gary is also the founder of Q-Series LLC, a company that manufacturers holsters for speed, safety, and concealed carry. According to Q-Series website, they recognize that carrying concealed is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Q-Series strives to be the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality concealed carry holsters and equipment.