Chris Dorr

Chris Dorr is the director for the board of Ohio Gun Owners. Chris first got involved in the fight to defend and advance our 2nd Amendment rights back in 2009 in his home state of Iowa where he helped Iowa Gun Owners get “Shall-Issue” law passed in 2010.

Specializing in pro-gun grassroots mobilization, Chris has helped organizations in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Idaho, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

In 2016, he was proud to assist the Missouri Firearms Coalition in their successful bid to pass Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law in Missouri and successfully helped the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance pass Constitutional Carry.

In his free time Chris enjoys deer and pheasant hunting, boxing, kickboxing, baseball and shooting.

Disliked by dozens of anti-gun FORMER politicians and back-stabbing lobbyists, Chris and his loving wife Lydia and their five children (and one on the way!) live near Xenia, OH.