Bill Rogers

Bill has been a member of Team Safariland since its start in 1985 and has won numerous state, national and international shooting titles over the years. Bill is a former FBI agent and police instructor. He is the inventor of the first “Kydex” holster and the first “Security Holster”. Bill also owns and operates Rogers Shooting School, for over 30 years where he coined the popular training technique “Reactive Shooting” which trains shooters to engage in fast vanishing targets during the time of response. Bill Roger’s long career in shooting has helped evolve the art of the sport to what it is today.

  • Author of “Be Fast, Be Accurate, Be the Best”
  • Author of “Reactive Pistol Shooting” video by Panteao
  • Author of “Reactive Rifle Shooting” videos by Penteao
  • Rogers Shooting School – 1976-Present: Owner, operator and lead instructor
  • Inventor of and patented the “Kydex” holster